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September 14th, 2011

04:27 pm - o my, o my

It's been a few weeks since I've written. How things have changed... Well.

1. Carroll and I had been hanging out. I'm skeptical of him and I let him know that. Didn't have sex for the first couple of weeks. I just didn't WANT to. He must have seriously fucked up, cause we had awesome sex. We did start back up, though. There was one night he came over and brought this synthetic mole. We stayed up all night, got fucked up and had so much sex. It was amazing. Felt strange the next day... Like I'd been up all night doing drugs, lol. A couple of days later, he (surprise surprise) gets kicked out of his parents house because he's a bum with no job and doesn't clean up after himself! For some reason I took him in... It was fine, I got pretty sick of him after awhile though. I'm glad he's gone, cause I felt like I was hiding stuff from him (Lee). Oops. Anyway, so he spent his time "looking for jobs" (smoking weed and sleeping all day). Still hadn't found a job, shocker. And, today I see on his facebook that he got a ticket to Austin City Limits this weekend! Awesome! Another music festival! He must have been working soo hard to score a vacation like that. I wonder if his parents are paying. If they are, I hope they realize they are allowing him to live the way he is. What a fucking freeloader. The thing that gets me is, his birthday is this weekend. I took off work to spend time with him and his family. I wonder if he knows how selfish he is. Oh well, I'll just relax this weekend. Ugh!

2. Lee and I haven't hung out since I wrote last. Things are good since we haven't really spoken or been paying attention to each other. I guess I expected too much, sigh. Well, we are supposed to hang out tonight, I hope everything goes well. I just want to relax and have easy fun and maybe some sexy fun ;] maybe. We'll see how it goes.

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